-leonora carrington (the house opposite)


I am your Bright Shadow
I am the Goodness you've denied

But I am and will always be
Part of you

"I draw the Motherpeace Sun Card,
I believe this means that at this moment I am fully connected to the Energetic Divine, that right now my thoughts are bright and clear, lucid, iridescent, and unmistaken.
Of course there are people in a spiraling dance in the intense gold heat of the sun, of course there is a giraffe,
A zebra lying down,
A butterfly with yellow stripes
And red wing tips is taking flight, heading northeast.
She has only just now
Emerged from her coccoon

Shrinking now word by word I am falling into the sun card,
into the dance with the others spinning around and through
until each one’s hand is taken and released and taken again
by every other’s hand
spinning around and around I see,
this is the dance to celebrate my rebirth,
because every woman has the right to rebirth
and circle dancing
in the flooding sun.
and when the people of the sun card are done with me
they let me go but not before
the giraffe gives me her blue balloon,
I fly it all the way back home.

These are the days for complete and utter freedom
From performance anxiety,
These are the times for a self confidence
That will stone me, groove me and give me wings.

Let the sun shine in."

~from the solitary witch

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