-leonora carrington (the house opposite)

7 of Cups


busy, frilly
visionary experience
all paths lead to the same place
gather, lather, rinse...

standing still in awe
(everything and forever)
( f a n t a s y )

flapping bird s e e m s like all the rest
s e a m i n g

all cups over floweth to the sea

w h e r e a r e h e r f e e t ?

the firmest grasp mustly loosen
or else
slack tide brings n o s h e l l s

the revealing is l o n g
epic adoration in swoon s o n g

along along
don't wait too long

((( g o n g )))

"She haunts my dreams. I must have Her. And if I cannot, I will dream another. I’ll dream of whom I choose, a hundred other goddesses if I wish."-tarot of the crone

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