-leonora carrington (the house opposite)

5 of Discs

"The five of discs is a picture of tension held in the body, the kind of tightness that comes with worry. Probably the mind is focused on survival issues of some kind-money, housing, jobs, where the next meal is coming from. Change is taking place but on the inside, not yet manifest. Inertia threatens. It helps to keep the energy moving-maybe do something physical to keep from sinking into a dark state of consciousness (or unconsciousness). In the Motherpeace image, the woman works with her hands-kneading and rolling, pushing, touching-all these motions help keep her energy from getting stuck.
Worry never does any good anyway. Better to mobilize energy toward positive goals-use the hands to bake bread, make tortillas, sculpt something from clay, plant a garden, or give a massage. While the hands are busy, perhaps the mind can use the Discs in the background as centering devices for focusing calm, magical intentions toward the future." ~mp

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