-leonora carrington (the house opposite)

Priestess of Swords

"First learning then working, to the exclusion of friendship.
One minded and narrow, to a depth never seen.
A gulf holds me far from the mind of all others.
Confused where I fit in; somewhere in between."
~ Introspection, Adrian Flynn


inside the lines
well bound
covered eyes
sees inside
white sheets worn for protection
(for inflection)

I am allied to__________.


held up long on the mountain
horizons over horizons

I can picture the snow where you are as
a soft cold canvas for stark shadows to lay upon


"She is a writer, definitely a thinker......the Owl can be seen as her thoughts taking flight. On a higher level, the Owl represents the secret of shamanic flight and the potential for the soul to leave the body and take the form of an animal to travel to other realms. The nocturnal Owl suggests the wisdom of the dream world and the collective unconscious. Being the bird of Athene and also of Medusa, the Owl symbolizes healing power as well as the ability to fight for one's life when necessary." -vicki noble



"Imagination abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters: united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the source of their wonders."
"La fantasia abandonada de la razon, produce monstruos impossibles: unida con ella, es madre de las artes y origen de sus marabillas.

-Francisco de Goya from Capichos

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