-leonora carrington (the house opposite)

Shaman of Swords

active "animus" of a woman expressed in actions

kite perch ascent
masted ship
swift choice descent

billows propel
oceanic voyage
horus and isis

lads, hers
ladder up
diving in air

(abstract executed)
genius' with war and flair
never deserted

"The Shaman of Swords creates her own reality and takes responsibility for her thought forms and the power of the mind"

"Do you know how...wanting lets your eyes pierce space? How a resolve to act can traverse this atmosphere as quick as light?...despite the threat of fire and our fear of the flames, we burst out through the roofs of our houses. Desire is a force inside us. Our mouths drop open in the rushing air. Our bodies float among stars. And we laugh in ecstasy to know the air has wishes..."Yes," we call out, full of ourselves and delight, "Yes," we sing, "We fly through the night."
~Susan Griffin

"...a strong blend of fiery ("female") emotions and powerful ("male") thought. Let what you feel be said; don't hold back what you know to be true. Through the emergence of your insights, fired by passion of your heart, you have the power to transform reality. The force of your ideas demands that you speak out."

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