-leonora carrington (the house opposite)

two of discs




"The Two of Pentacles is about having a ton of flexibility. There is a lot stacked on your pile and your responsibilities seem to be growing. You have done a good job of making your efforts look seamless, much like a juggler who adds more and more balls to the whimsical circle they spin, much to the amusement and amazement of others. To see this card in a reading suggests that you are doing okay in the moment, but that what you are doing cannot be sustained in the long term. You have achieved a lot and have momentum, but may benefit from focusing your efforts into a more unified approach." 


"Duality in the earth suit becomes you and another real person. The Two of Disks is about partnership: the specific connection to a specific other for a specific purpose. A working connection between partners requires mutual intent and integrity. To have a bridge, both sides must hold up their ends. Both must also stretch beyond their anchors and reach into space. Then each must meet and synchronize with another. The Two of Disks teaches that with cooperation with another, sharing your strength and abilities, great work is possible for you. 
The otherness of this partner may strain or confuse you. But it is not something you can "fix" or balance out all by yourself. Do not act in a way unnatural to your authentic self, or the partnership will not have integrity. The challenge and opportunity here is for both of you to use the best of your abilities for the common goal, without attempting to deny or overshadow the other's contribution and potential. And should darkness loom, give what you've got, and find and hold to what you need." 

“Touch forever changes the face of the world, the connection to it and every other.” I am touched by time,  embraced by time, wrapped in the infinite ouroboros of time.


(top image Molly Applejohn- ostara tarot)

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