-leonora carrington (the house opposite)

Ten of Wands


"That’s a heavy load you’re carrying, but it’s not just wood you have there, it’s quality timber that can be shaped into support beams for a new home or temple.  It’s hot and you’re tired, but keep in mind that heat is not the only quality of the fire that burns inside you. Feel the Divine in the Fire. Let it light your way and lend you the strength to continue your journey. Understand that fire, focus it, let it burn away the chaff and reveal the eager, fertile soil under your feet." 

  image Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (ShadowScapes Tarot)

julia iredale (ostara tarot) 

 marseilles tarot deck

The 10 Wands represents an opportunity to 'stick or twist' – you have reached the point which you set out to reach, now you can sit there or you can move on to new things. But taking on too much can take a toll - Setbacks and losses could follow – is it time you took things easier? Learned to delegate? Or to specialize? Or simply to be more selective?
This card raises questions about the use of your precious energy and represents quite an ‘expense’ if things don’t work out - on the other hand, that expense could be worthwhile if the experience settles things finally, one way or the other - it leaves the question - at the expense of what? 10s are invariably positive in allowing you to move on, whatever the outcome, so not playing this card could leave you forever a little stuck. Whether it is worthwhile or not is something you will almost certainly know already. -heart shaped world



I went as far as one could go

And then went farther







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