-leonora carrington (the house opposite)

3 of Swords

-julia wolfson embroidery

heart b:eat

In a dance of power, difficulty precedes harmony. -motherpeace

He has cured his tooth ache at the cost of his tongue!

"Akk, if I could only turn back the clock a few seconds..."

But no matter how hard you wish,
once a thing is done or said
there is no going back for do-overs.

It's a done deal.

"Don't be so humble - you are not that great."
~ Golda Meir 1898-1978

from Quirkeries

I ask, if i shall never see you again and fix my eyes on that solidity,
what form will our communication take?
-Virginia Woolf

I can hold pain, without it controlling me.

I take comfort where I find it.

I leave behind old habits, taking with me only what I need.

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