-leonora carrington (the house opposite)

Ace of Cups

from a Hasidic story

What cup knows the distress
of the large vessel, knows
any more than two inches
of the purple? For the cup
everything that fills up
is equal--the little jug,
the pot, the large vessel.
Beyond its own meniscus
nothing's knowable for a cup.
But the vessel wishes
one something
could use it up.

-Kay Ryan

the Root of
the Powers of Water

( ( ( g o i n g w i t h t h e f l o w ) ) )

After the grace in the dive, a gentle landing is assured, a friendly welcome from the depths of the unconscious. -motherpeace

...prominent emanations of energy
spanning out in a web of connectivity.

I drink in the evening. I drink in the sky.
My heart swells, vast and great as Heaven Herself.
She fills my soul. She feeds my dreams.
And I believe.

The silver cup is the vessel,
the chalice, the grail....
It promises a joyous experience of letting go into unconditional love,
the spaciousness of the open heart.

...the movement of water always moves towards depth, it always searches for the lowest ground.
It is non-ambitious; it never hankers to be first, it wants to be last.

-lao tzu

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