-leonora carrington (the house opposite)


“If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.”
-toni morrison

-leonora carrington (the memory tower)

'What am I living for and what am I dying for are the same question.'

-Toby from margaret atwood's, year of the flood

Was there no safety? No learning by heart of
the ways of the world? No guide, no shelter,
but all was miracle and leaping from the
pinnacle of a tower into the air?

-virginia woolf, to the lighthouse

"The lightening bolt of illumination strikes hard, throwing everything into chaos and confusion. This allows for a restructuring based on truth, and releases the personality from false consciousness and depression. The Tower, like the Hindu Goddess Kali, signifies a liberation that hurts even as it frees." -divinewhispers

"...It is no accident that Kali is both sexual guru and destroyer, but she slays whatever stands in the way of true appreciation of what is real. She does not ask to escape 'the wheel of life,' but rides it consciously from the center. When you let her into your life, you will experience an increased sensitivity to everything in existence along with a heightened ability to handle whatever comes your way." -motherpeace

PRAISE! for being alive

"Isabel Snail"-Beth Seilonen

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