-leonora carrington (the house opposite)

Two of Swords

....are as soft as feathers, creating an infinite space of calm....


perfect balance is sought as well as grounding and privacy

can you tell us the place where
the elders chew the sky soft?
and the place where love is like
a perfectly quilled arrow
flowing from bows of pure willow...

-mariée sioux

"...She is poised in a seemingly prepared, calm stasis. Both feet securely planted on solid foundation. Further, her feet are pointed outward which hints of openness in her nature..."

Two of Swords (Reversed)>
Things are happening now.
Trust that you are able to make decisions.
Release your fear of involvement now,
release your need for everything to be "perfect"
and in perfect order all the time - allow yourself to relax.
Your affairs may be moving very quickly,
so do not let the pace get you down.

The Signal
by Karin Weiner

Collage on paper, 2005
11.25 x 10 in.

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