-leonora carrington (the house opposite)


-William Blake: Hecate, 1795

"Be a light unto yourself"
-osho zen

"We hear the call of our wild. We play games to end their games. Those who have been called bitches bark; pussies purr; cows moo; old bats squeal; squirrels chatter; nags whinny; chicks chirp; cats growl; old crows speech. Foxy ladies chase clucking biddies around in circles. The play is part of our work of unweaving and of our weaving work. It whirls us into another frame of reference. We use the visitation of demons to come more deeply into touch with our own powers/virtues. Unweaving their deceptions, we name our Truth." -hag

"My patroness is the Goddess Hecate, goddess of the
crossroads on cold, windy nights when things go suddenly liminal and change is already flowing across the boundary between what couldn't be and what might become. She comes with her several-headed dogs, who look in all directions and She shows up, unafraid, I like to think, but afraid or unafraid, She shows up, and She midwifes both what's being born and what's dying. She stands there, where you have to choose, or where you have to admit that the choice has been made for you, and where two roads diverge in the wood and you, you'll take either the smooth one or the one less traveled by -- and that will make all the difference."
-hecate blog

I Walk Among Others

I Walk Alone

I Look at Life

I Need Knowledge

Of the Inside Out


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